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Wrong Fuel in Car?

If you just accidentally did this mistake, don’t worry, it’s a common mistake. Every 3 minutes, a driver fills Petrol into a diesel car or Diesel in a petrol car, You are not alone!

Our experienced, fully qualified, Fuel Doctor technicians are here to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a No Fix, No Fee guarantee

We will match and beat any price, plus offer a 10% discount if we are not with you in 55 minutes.

Sorting the problem is actually very affordable, as long as you act quickly. If you have filled your vehicle with the Wrong fuel, in most cases there is little or no damage done. In this case, the wrong fuel simply needs to be drained and your engine flushed through with clean fuel to remove any residue from the contaminated fuel.
All you need to do :

* Do not switch on your ignition or start the engine, this will circulate the contaminated fuel and increase the risk of expensive damage.

* Call us for an immediate no obligation quote. We will talk you through every step, and get you back on the road in no time.
However, if you have already driven your vehicle after misfuelling, don’t panic, we can still rectify the problem.

All you need to do :

* Pull over safely

* Stop your engine immediately

* Call us and relax, we will come to you, anywhere you are.
More than half of drivers who put the wrong fuel in their car, don’t realize that they have picked up the wrong pump at the petrol station, and have driven the car until the vehicle stopped. Depending on the vehicle’s fuel system, this can happen within the first 1 mile, or even after 50 miles.

A common scenario is for someone to drive home with no noticeable problems, and the next day the car won’t start or will run poorly.

Petrol in Diesel? Diesel in Petrol?

Different scenarios call for different wrong fuel solutions. Our professional fuel tank drainage teams can solve any misfuel problem. It is a difference between flushing the tank of a BMW or the one of a Mercedes, but our fuel doctors know their job and know every type of car.

In either case, you can call us at any time, day or night. We will be happy to carry out a fuel drain and get your vehicle up un running with no problem at all.
What you can expect, once we are with you :

* Our fuel drains take on average 20 – 30 minutes to completely drain the wrong fuel from your car’s fuel tank

* We ensure your vehicle is running smoothly and is safe to drive

* We offer optional diagnostic checks

* We will supply you with clean fuel at gas station price

Don’t start the engine as your fuel pump might be damaged. Putting diesel in a petrol engine is more complicated, and sometimes, your breakdown cover does not protect you in these situations. Don’t try to start your car or turn on the ignition even if the vehicle seems fine. Diesel fuel is pretentious and it might pose serious problems later. Call our Roadside Assistance service and get your problem sorted instantly! And forget about the fuel lines telling you any important information. With the wrong petrol in the tank, the electric reporting system of the car might be damaged as well.

When you put petrol in diesel engines, the effect on the modern diesel high-pressure pump can be damaging. The modern cars have the Common Rail Injection System Pressure Control, which is kind of responsible for what happens in a diesel tank.

It is why you should remain at the filling station when you do the mistake of misfuel. Do not worry, as even if you will have to delay your trip with a couple of hours, at least you will be sure you reach your destination safely.

It is surprising how many problems our fuel doctors find with those cars. Problems with fuel injectors are not detected even by the MOT. It is a common cause for petrol nozzles to wear fast and to pose even more problems for any type of vehicle.

Why You Should Not Attempt to Drive

Diesel in petrol sometimes is acting as a solvent and damages the hose and signalling systems of the car. It is why you need a mobile fuel drain team immediately when it happens. Do not attempt to empty the gas tank using tricks and things you read on the internet. A modern car is not something to play with. Call us, grab a coffee and wait for less than 60 minutes until our intervention team arrives.

We pride in our experience and dedication of our fuel intervention specialists. Our engineers deal with any type of van or car. They know different types of cars need different combustible cleaning methods, and they make sure you are back on the road every time, or you will not have to pay a dime.

What to do if you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car:

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