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Nationwide Wrong Fuel Removal Service

With nationwide coverage 24 hours per day 7 days a week, you can rely on WRONG FUEL DOCTOR for fuel drain anywhere in the UK.

We have mobile units in several regions around the country whose aim is to be at your side within the hour regardless of your location or the time of day.

Our focus remains you, our customer. So to ensure you receive the help you need, wherever and whenever, we have partnered with other fuel drain companies to assist us in the event that we cannot get to you on time. Best Wrong Fuel Service near you, in England, Wales & Scotland.

It does not matter if you put the wrong fuel in the tank and you are at a London gas station, or you realise the mistake after driving a few miles from your home in Manchester. In any case, do not attempt to do anything besides stopping the engine and calling us.

The Wrong Fuel Service Near You

We can tell you from the start it is not possible to drain the wrong fuel by yourself, as you will risk damaging the engine. The solution is different considering the car maker. It depends if you started the engine or not and if you put diesel in a petrol car of the other way around.

No matter where you are now, we can reach you in less than 60 minutes. People get fuel in their car tank for so many different reasons. Especially if they only put a small quantity, some try to start the car thinking they are sorting out the problem this way. Well, you might be able to start the engine, but think about the consequences on the long term.

How many people make the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in their cars?

Once every four minutes, a misfortunate driver does this mistake in the UK, distracted by a phone call or because of tiredness. In any case, you should call a fuel drain service and wait for at most one hour until a specialist can reach your location.

Meantime, read about what to do on our website and don’t panic! Any misfuel problem is solved by our specialists and they will not leave you until you are satisfied with the solution! We will check the fuel filters and will clean the injectors if required. We can check the pump, determine if any additional damage is done, and make sure all the consequences of this mistake are eliminated!

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service, thumbs up! You saved
my husband’s Mercedes!”

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