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What Happens When You Accidentally Put Unleaded In A Diesel Car?

It is not uncommon to be distracted by everyday problems and to put the wrong combustible in your car. While this is an unpleasant situation, you can be sure it is not the end of the world. Instead of desperately calling your friends asking how to get fuel out of a car, better think about a professional roadside assistance service.

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Will Putting Petrol in a Diesel Car Damage It?

It depends on the quantity of diesel put in a petrol tank or if you started the engine or not. Some make the mistake of putting the right fuel on top of the wrong one, damaging the engine even more.

We are the best alternative in Scotland to AA Roadside Assistance, as we can reach you anywhere in Scotland in less than one hour. We give you the best cost for putting petrol in a diesel engine, and we make sure your car starts and you can safely get home.

Why Wrong Fuel Doctor Scotland?

We use the premium fuel system pumps that would guarantee total removal of diesel from petrol tanks or petrol from diesel tanks. We are available 24 hours and we can reach you in less than one hour. It does not matter if you are at a gas station in Edinburgh or at your home in Inverness. We always have a solution for the drivers who put the wrong fuel in their cars!

What shall I do?

Do not try to ignite the engine, as this will probably damage the engine. Turning on the ignition if you put diesel in a petrol tank means damage in the long term. Just wait for our mobile fuel drain team in the Glasgow area and they will explain what you can do to solve the problem fast.

Many people look for the AAA fuel assist service, but do you know what they will do? First, they will tow your beloved Mercedes to their nearest shop. They will give you a spare car for one or two weeks, and you will not even know what they do to your car. It will definitely start once they fix it, but do you know if they cleaned the fuel injectors properly? And how about the premiums? You will surely pay more insurance after such misfortunate event. It is why we warmly recommend you to call us for any misfuel problem anywhere in Scotland & Nationwide!

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