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Put Petrol In a Diesel Car in London?

No matter if you put petrol in a diesel engine or you just ran out of gas, Wrong Fuel Doctor has the solution. We have many dedicated teams spread across London and beyond, always ready to fix any fuel problem the drivers might have.

We all know how annoying is to wait on M25 for hours. It is why we are upset when we refuel, and this sometimes means to put the wrong fuel in the tank. It does not happen to experienced drivers who handle many cars at work, but also to simple drivers who only own one personal car. Once every three minutes, a car has a misfuel problem in the UK and this is why we are proud of our Wrong Fuel Service Response Time in Greater London!

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Misfuel Drain & Flush London

Our Story started in the Borough of Bromley, part of London Greater area and the heart of the Wrong Fuel Operation. We started with one roadside misfuel intervention vehicle and increased the number of qualified employees to cover the increased demand for quality services. More and more people see Fuel Drain & Flush services as an alternative to the apparent free towing service from AAA when in fact it increases your premiums and leaves you without a car for weeks. Soon, we expanded our services to South End England and South West, and today we are a nationwide coverage company!

Wrong Fuel Doctor London

Our company benefits of the full trust of customers, having some of the most loyal in the branch. We are not kidding. Mr Chen from Sidcup has many vehicles in his front yard, including personal ones and a van he uses to drive children at school for charity. He always puts the wrong fuel in his tanks, and he always calls us when he has this problem. As Wrong Fuel Doctor is the only reliable service to clean fuel tanks, replace fuel injectors if required, and pump all the wrong fuel out of your Mercedes or BMW car!

Wrong Fuel Doctor started its road to being the most reputed fuel removal service in London & Nationwide from Bromley. It was the dream of a few entrepreneurs and experienced car service engineers to create a reliable company having the goal of helping any driver who put the wrong fuel in a car.

Quickly, people started to call Wrong Fuel Doctor knowing their problem is in good hands. We know everything about wrong fuel recovery and this is why we can offer you the cheapest fuel assist quote. Moreover, we guarantee to put you back on the road or you will not have to pay a dime.

Which is the biggest problem: putting diesel in a petrol car or vice-versa?

It does not matter, really. In both cases, you will need to call us. Don’t panic and don’t worry, especially if you did not start the engine. Our engineers helped thousands of people who had this problem in filling stations or at home and you will also be convinced about this.

Our professional fleet is ready 24/7 to intervene anywhere in London. We guarantee we can be anywhere in this area in less than 60 minutes. Indeed, we can reach you even faster in the majority of cases, but if you are stuck with diesel in petrol in the City or other high traffic areas, we would kindly ask you to have a little more patience.

We have customers in Croydon calling us constantly. Indeed, it is possible to make this misfuel mistake more than once. Fleet managers and company drivers are prone to this, not only the distracted young drivers without experience.

Diesel in Petrol – Roadside Assist

We are not only the Doctor of petrol in diesel, but we also take care of the environment. Pollution in areas such as Richmond, St. Paul or even in Ilford and Acton are alarming today. It is why we make sure we respect all the norms in terms of contaminated fuel disposal. Our vehicles are safe, fully checked and tested. Damaged fuel is kept in safe containers and disposed of according to the environmental UK and EU regulations.

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