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Professional Wrong Fuel Doctor Wales

Wrong Fuel Doctor is the one roadside assistance company trusted by the majority of customers putting diesel in petrol or another type of wrong fuel in car. It is not uncommon, and this is why we have professional intervention teams ready to repair fuel injectors, clean fuel pumps or do everything necessary to put your car back on the road.

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What if I Put Petrol In A Diesel Car?

It is the most common problem with the drivers in Wales, but it is also a reason not to worry. It means our misfuelling teams in Wales are able to solve it, whether you have an old Mercedes Benz or the latest Range Rover Evoque.

Best Roadside Assistance in Wales

We care for the cars of our customers and we know only by putting them back on the road, we respect our promisee to them. It is why we have the best wrong fuel reviews in Wales and we are indeed a company people call when they put the wrong fuel in a van's tank.

Most of the customers of the wrong fuel drain services in Wales call us from Swansea, Cardiff and Newport, but it is not only them who are distracted and fill up with a diesel tank filled up with petrol. Even if we guarantee our Wales 24 hours 365 days a year local service can reach any part of Wales in 60 minutes, we usually get to any driver in need in less than 30 minutes.

Why Should I Not Call Insurance?

You should always be insured for your peace of mind, but there are advantages in calling fuel help. Insurance will only send a towing service which will probably give you a spare car for two weeks and increase your premiums. Our alternative is to stay with us for until we can get you back on the road, and you could get home tonight driving your own car. People put diesel in petrol cars all the time in Wales, and the insurance companies would not spare you from doing such a mistake. Overall, the costs of misfuel will be lowered with Wrong Fuel Doctor on the long term. No trouble, no hassle, and the warranty that you will not pay a dime unless your beloved van or car is not fuel fixed!

Professional Roadside Assistance Service

We can clean fuel injectors or replace them with new ones in case they are fully damaged. We know everything about cars, and especially about the new ones with many electronic systems. Those are the most difficult when it comes to fuel damage removal from the tank, but you can be sure you are in the right place! Wrong Fuel Doctor Wales, London & Nationwide!

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“Fast assistance, excellent
service, thumbs up! You saved
my husband’s Mercedes!”

Anna J

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