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What if you put the wrong fuel in your car and you drive it? Depending on how fast you realise the mistake, it can be an easy task for our professional roadside assistance teams or it can be a burden if you decide to call a towing service or your insurance. Wrong Fuel is the perfect 24/7 intervention team, helping hundreds of customers with this embarrassing but solvable problem every month.

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Petrol in a Diesel Tank - How Big of A Problem?

Putting diesel in a Petrol car is a solvable problem, but sometimes it means more than a simple 20-minute flush job. Sometimes the fuel injectors can be cleaned, but if you put unleaded in a diesel car, the situation is different. In any case, our trained engineers know all the fuel removal techniques. Our vehicles are equipped with a drain fuel tank able to hold large quantities of diesel and petrol.

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Just ask one of our engineers what does he think about cars and he will talk with you for hours about them. Whether we are talking about a small amount of petrol in a diesel car or about a long wrong fuel recovery job, you can be sure our people will not leave you hanging in the road. We have the best wrong fuel doctor reviews because of this dedication. We make sure the tank is clean with our revolutionary fuel system flush. Meantime, we clean the other parts of the engine that might be affected by misfuelling.

Last but not least, even if waiting for a while when you are probably in a hurry to get home is not the most pleasant situation, but we ensure you our people are educated and polite. We always update the customer on his waiting time while we arrive, and we guarantee the cheapest roadside assistance in London & Nationwide!

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Are you a Nationwide Wrong Fuel Drain Service?

We are based in London, but our small operation grew in a couple of years to become a nationwide initiative. We first started with two more mobile teams in Manchester and Milton Keynes. Today, we are one of the fewest wrong fuel drain & flush services covering the England, Wales & Scotland with the cheapest diesel & petrol removal services!

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