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Putting Petrol in a Diesel Engine

Wrong Fuel Doctor is the fuelfix company everyone needs. It is not only dreamers who put the wrong fuel in a car. It will not happen only to the first time drivers. Even the most experienced drivers are distracted sometimes. Some of our most loyal customers are experienced drivers in London and everywhere in the UK, and they know putting petrol in a diesel van is not a rookie's mistake

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Car Fuel Tank Cleaning FAQs

Whether it is petrol in diesel or a small amount of diesel in a petrol tank, do not attempt to clean the engine yourself. There are many 'fuelfix' tricks that will only damage your car even more. Even if petrol mixed with diesel is a problem, our 24/7 emergency roadside intervention teams have it covered.

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Different fuel storage tanks ask for different cleaning solutions. While a BMW has the tank under the backseats, a Mercedes Benz tank is hidden under the trunk. Don't worry, as our engineers love their work and they know all the car makers. We can start any type of car brand or vehicle type. Don't worry if you put diesel in your petrol van. We offer nationwide coverage in less than 60 minutes anywhere in England, Wales & Scotland.

Don’t Misfuel and Drive

Yes, it happened. We bet you thought about it until now many times, but with this new petrol car, things are sometimes complicated. The noises made by such a vehicle when it has diesel in the tank are scary. It is why many people panic and don’t take the necessary cautions. But if you are on our website, you are in the right place. Our team of professionals can reduce the potential damage even when you are on the M25, or if you did not leave the filling station.

A petrol car is different from a diesel one, and this is why you will have to be careful. Most of our interventions are for people that recently changed their cars for a new one. Especially if you drive longer and you need to stop at the filling station many times, you will be prone to do this unwanted mistake.

Wait. Where are you?

Initially based in London but now a nationwide intervention company, Wrong Fuel Doctor is indeed the name many people trust when they put the wrong fuel in car. You should call us 24/7 even if you didn’t put too much of the wrong thing in your tank. It is not only the carbon residues remaining on the pump, but also the measuring devices of the tank to consider. This will probably not count the wrong liquid, making it impossible for you to estimate how much you can drive in this situation.

Indeed, the problems raised by a petrol car when fuelled with diesel are diverse. What you can do is to sit back and relax while our engineers get to you. Don’t worry about what they are doing after. We can assure you our people are the most experienced in tank fuel drainage and they will work their best to get your car back on the road ASAP.

More than that, our team know how scared customers can be in these situations. It is why they will explain you what they are doing and why. If the injectors will have to be cleaned, they will do that and propose you other services to make sure the fuel damage is completely removed.

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