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Put the wrong fuel in your car's tank and drove a few miles? The engine noises and the bumps might be terrifying, but you don't have to worry, as there is a faster solution than AA wrong fuel services or whatever your insurance gives you. Wrong Fuel Doctor is the fuel cleaner service everyone is happy about, and with good reasons.

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We offer fuel injector cleaning services if required for anyone left on the roadside with a misfuelling problem.

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We have mobile teams and experienced drivers always ready to intervene. We pride to be available anywhere in the UK in less than 60 minutes, whether you put the wrong fuel in your car at home or on the roadside of M25.

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Petrol Tank Emptied of Wrong Fuel? Wait as There is More!

Putting petrol in a diesel car or the other way around is not the end of the world. However, there is always some more things to consider. Bad weather makes it harder to pump wrong fuel, even if we do have the latest tank cleaning technology. Puting unleaded in a diesel car means to clean the fuel injectors, and based on the carmaker, it might be required for some hose cleaning as well. Our mobile wrong fuel emergency teams are equipped with everything necessary for roadside interventions putting petrol in a diesel.

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What are the car symptoms when you put petrol in a diesel car?

You will feel the bumps a few miles after leaving the gas station, and you will probably realise what happened immediately. It is also possible for some white smoke to come out of the engine. Don't panic, as there is nothing unsolvable. It is our goal as a reputable company to get you back home, and to bring you cheaper services even compared with the ones if the AA Wrong Fuel Cost.

Why cleaning the injectors is crucial after misfueling?

The fuel pump is responsible for transforming the liquid from the gas tank and for giving the required fuel pressure for the engine to run. Some drivers neglect these for months, and even the MOT check cannot identify the carbon deposits on the hoses.

It is why it is not recommended to drive a car after putting the wrong fuel in its tank under any circumstances. Indeed, the car might start, but besides risking to blow the engine on your way home, the damages can be significant even if there are no apparent problems with the fuel rail.

Modern electric car signalling systems

There are many aspects with an effect on the engine performance today. The signalling system of a Mercedes is incredibly complicated, including the sensors measuring the fuel level. It is why the fuel lines might be deceiving on the board after putting diesel in petrol or the other way around. Don’t risk ruining your vacation by damaging your engine ten miles before arriving at your hotel!

If you are on a nice country road, just relax and examine the view while one of our trained engineers arrive. He will be there in less than 60 minutes with the right fuel injector cleaning kit required. Don’t forget to stop the engine to make sure you disconnect the fuel system. We assure you it is the most cost-effective solution. The alternative is to call an AAA towing service that will leave you without your beloved BMW or Ford for a couple of weeks. Let’s not forget about the insurance premiums, which would go over the roof after such intervention!

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