Why Wrong Fuel Doctor for Unleaded in Petrol – How Bad Is It?

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In a hurry to get your child from school or to get to that important business meeting? Too tired to realise you are driving the Mercedes diesel company car, not your personal Ford? Fuelling while having an argument with your nasty kid on the phone?

What to do when put unleade in diesel
What to do when put unleade in diesel

There are so many reasons for which people put unleaded in a diesel car, and this is the most common problem for which the Wrong Fuel Doctors are called. But the percentage of people putting diesel in petrol is surprisingly high as well!

The petrol pump is slick and can fit easily in a diesel tank. It is why it is a common misfuel mistake. The diesel pump is thicker and cannot fit in a petrol tank, but still, 25% of our Customers are people putting diesel in petrol engines. Think about this next time when you decide if you should buy a petrol or diesel car.

What happens when you put unleaded petrol in a diesel car?

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Some might think the L drivers are most prone to misfuel. Surprisingly, it is the experienced company truck and van drivers who use multiple vehicles to do this mistake.

These drivers tend to stop at the gas station late night, so they would be refuelled the next day. They are tired and thinking of the tasty dinner waiting for them at home. It is when it happens, and the moment when you should have Wrong Fuel Doctor’s telephone number close.

Put Petrol in Diesel & Didn’t Drive

Any modern car has many electric and signalling sensors, not just the new Range Rovers or BMW’s. It is possible for the sensors not to show you the right level of combustible even after putting a small quantity in the tank. This means the sensors will not count the quantity of gas correctly, showing you have more gas than you actually do.

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If you realise the problem fast, stop the engine and wait patiently for our specialists. You will probably save a lot of time and money with us instead of calling AAA. If you are still at the gas station, do not try to start the engine even if you put a small quantity of unleaded and the engine starts. Many problems can occur even in this situation.

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If you care about your car, and you don’t want to run out of gas in the middle of the night because of a low tank signalling problem, you would call Wrong Fuel Doctor now.

Petrol in a diesel car by mistake and drove it

Petrol is less flammable than gasoline. It is why diesel engines use compression to produce explosion for the cylinders of the car to work properly. The diesel engines have a higher burning rate to obtain the required pressure and temperature to burn combustible.
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That is the most common problem for our fuel drainer engineers. The wrong fuel symptoms are generally the same. If you drive more than two miles, here is what it usually happens:
- The car will tremble
- The engine will struggle to pump the wrong fuel in the tank
- The gas pump will make noises like a knock
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Usually, it lasts a little longer to clean the hoses, especially for vehicles having the tank under the back seat. It is the case of some Mercedes models. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest fuel drainage equipment, and with our warranty that you will get back on the road or you won’t pay, you have nothing to lose by calling us.

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We will come with spare petrol at gas price station and the most experienced fuel flush specialists. In case we have to clean the fuel injectors, it will last a little longer. Rest assured our fleet of misfuel vehicles has everything needed to put you back on the road!




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